Office Hours (A-312)

Professors do not host office hours during finals week or over winter break. Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

Online Students

Please see the Current Classes page for instructions on accessing our online course.

Featured Writing

I feature authors and texts I love on my featured writing page. I wanted to share “Flare” by Mary Oliver, but it’s not available online, and we need to be careful about copyright. Look it up in her book, The Leaf and the Cloud. Luckily, another forever fave of mine by Mary Oliver is available: “Wild Geese.” Remember: You don’t have to be good.


Writing Center

Visit the Writing Center for help with writing assignments in any class, at any stage of the writing process! We also offer help and resources for faculty at IVCC.

Where and When To Find Us

Check the website for the most up-to-date hours and schedule. We’re located in the Learning Commons (D 201). Call the Writing Center at 224-0637 or visit our website for an appointment. Walk-ins are also welcome–no appointment necessary when tutors are available!

Traditional tutoring

Online Writing Center

Writers’ Workshop


  • The Writing Center maintains an extensive library of handouts on writing subjects ranging from documentation of sources to grammar and scholarship essay writing.

English Language Learners Conversation Partners

  • Are you learning English as your second (or third? or fourth?) language? The Writing Center would be happy to offer you a chance to practice your English skills with a native speaker in a easygoing, friendly environment. Speaking a new language is difficult, and we admire all of the time and hard work students commit to learning English. We look forward to speaking with you and learning from you, too! Find out more about conversation partners.

Quick Queries

  • For brief questions about punctuation, grammar rules, and documentation, you can email the Writing Center. Here are some examples of specific questions:

    Is this a run-on sentence?

    Is this a correct Works Cited entry?

    Do titles of books go in quotation marks?

    Please include your name in your email. For some questions, it will be helpful for us to know which course you are in, what kind of paper you are writing, and what documentation style you are using. Please include any information you think we will find helpful. We will try to respond as soon as possible during our working hours. Quick Query is best suited for brief questions.  For in-depth consultations, schedule an appointment for traditional tutoring.